Thread Milling

Davenport Thread Mill

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We are now offering a threadmill attachment for your Davenport automatic screw machine. Like our other threadmilling attachments, it can easily be converted to a polygon attachment. Just change the gears! Depicted above, our Davenport Threadmill/Polygon is a revolutionary development as it is the first of its kind to be produced for the Davenport. It is easy to install and comes with unparalleled support. Tooling is available! Call us today for pricing and delivery!

We offer attachments that can mill threads from the cross slide on your automatic screw machine. These attachments cut threads with very little tool pressure. This allows for threads to be cut on very thin parts. It's also great for cutting threads on green dot brass, no-lead brass, and other materials that do not roll easily. We offer thread mill cutters in high speed and carbide. Thread mills can be made for many different brands and sizes of machines. Below are a few examples.

Thread Milling Catalog Page.PDF

1" RA6 2nd Position

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1 1/4" RB8 4th Position

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2" RB6 4th Position

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New Britain 52 3rd Position

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