The success of our business can be highly attributed to the endless number of attachments that we have designed and manufactured for the screw machine industry.  Most of these have eliminated the need for a “secondary” operation, thus increasing the customer’s production yield and reducing manufacturing costs.  Initially designed for Acme-Gridleys, we have successfully integrated these units on New Britains, Wickmans, Davenports and more.  Click on the below link for more specific information.  Not seeing what you are looking for? Don’t hesitate to call.

Air Operated Pickoff Assemblies

Back Finish Slide Assemblies

Ball Bearing Style High Speed Drilling Spindle

Cross Slide Recess Attachments

Flat Generating / Thread Milling

Internal and External Thread Chasing

Push Style Recess Attachments

Shelf Slide Assemblies

Stationary Cross Slide Cross Drilling

Stationary Cross Slide Milling

Stationary End Tool Slide Milling Attachments

Synchronous Cross Slide Stamping

Synchronous Eccentric Drilling

Synchronous End Tool Slide Milling Attachments

Synchronous Tool Slide Cross Drilling

Toolslide Recess Attachments

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Our complete catalog is available for download by clicking here.