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We provide quality attachments for the screw machine industry through original and innovative design and engineering with proven results. We create a perfect integration between attachment and machine. Founded on the principal that quality attachments and accessories can be manufactured and supported right here in our own country!

Why BME?

  • Our engineering is unsurpassed, allowing years of experience working on machines and attachments to blend with years of experience in mechanical design.
  • The most advanced software is used to create the systems that meet customer’s requirements to perform the demanding needs of today’s manufacturing.
  • When modeling our assemblies in the design stage we apply advanced technology to determine stress analysis and design balance.
  • Our engineering allows us to validate the form, fit and function of the attachments we build.
  • We communicate effectively with our customer, which reduces errors and delivers a better, innovative product faster.
  • We use motion simulation to enhance our designs, to make sure our designs are strong enough while avoiding over-design.
  • We examine the deformation of parts and assemblies under static loads to determine minimum and maximum stresses, while guaranteeing our designs meet the necessary safety standards.
  • Our attachments save our customers money by allowing complete processing.
  • A part that is manufactured completely in one step without a secondary operation allows an unmatched advantage, increasing profits and quality. The less a part is handled, the more cost effective the process!

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