2 5/8” RB-8 Acme Rebuild Screw Machine Serial # 85666

2 5/8" RB-8 Acme Gridley Screw Machine


1st & 8th Lower Cross Slide

3rd Position Shelf Slide

4th & 5th Position Upper Cross Slides

6th Position Pocket Slide Not Mounted On Machine

Universal Chip Conveyor

3rd Position HSD Drive Unit

1st Position HSD Speeder

Master Collets

Gusher Coolant Pump

One Set Of Pusher Tubes

Machine Is Wired 440v

2nd, 4th, & 8th Position Drill Saddles

Stock Reel & Stand

Good Condition Trusty Cook Tubes

Two-Piece Splash Guards

4th Position Threading Lever & Linkage

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